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Welcome to the ESRD Treatment Choices Learning Collaborative (ETCLC) Progress Tracking System.

This system enables users to:

  • Record and share progress on quality improvement initiatives designed to help achieve the three national aims.
  • Monitor and compare their organizationsā€™ contributions to the national aims (using certain key indicators of performance) to other organizationsā€™ performance across the country.
  • Collaborate with other organizations across the country working on similar quality improvement initiatives by accessing summary reports on quality improvement initiatives.
  • Understand and monitor progress on the three national aims and trends over time.
  • Access archived national events (recordings, slide decks, and summaries).
  • View monthly newsletters and quality improvement meeting summaries and share information with others in your organization.

Review and use resources such as the Change Packages, articles, and other documents that may be of interest.


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If you wish to add monthly Quality Improvement Initiative information, please send a note to TAQILInfo@hsag.com with your name and your organization and indicate you would like to enter Quality Improvement Initiative information for your organization.

We will then associate your account with the organization(s) for which you will be reporting.

This process will occur within the next 24 hours.

After 24 hours, if you do not see your organizations on the webform, please contact us at: TAQILInfo@hsag.com

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Visit us at www.etclc.org